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Stefan Sagmeister

After watching a few short films on graphic designers in a lecture this morning I came across the works of Stefan Sagmeister. I found his design work very interesting, although I found he does go to some extremes when creating his graphic design pieces. In a lecture poster he produced for AIGA Detroit, he was photographed with all the text of the piece carved into his skin. He believes that in the career of Graphic Design, all pieces show what a ‘happy, colourful profession’ it is, but in this piece he shows the reality of the pain that accompanies each of his design projects. Here is the video clip featuring Sagmeister: http://www.hillmancurtis.com/index.php?/film/watch/sagmeister_05/ and also his official wesbite: http://www.sagmeister.com/index.html Sagmeister - AIGA Poster Sagmeister - Lou Reid Sagmeister - On A Binge Sagmeister - Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far