Hannah Furnell


Graphic Designer, Manchester www.hannahfurnell.co.uk

Adobe Photoshop CS3

Today we began learning the basics of Adobe Photoshop CS3. We first started off with a skull image imported from Google images, and then tried some of the different tools within Photoshop to edit this image. We also imported another image (a pumpkin) onto the skull and then used the ‘colour burn’ effect to blend it into the skull; I like how this effect makes it look as though there are flames on top of the skull. After learning the basics we were then left for an hour to make our own Halloween-based piece containing a collage of different images. The images I used were the moon, bats, a tree and a haunted house, I then put these images together and used different effects to make it look like one image. I also used a typeface I thought would be suitable for the piece. My attempts at using Photoshop are shown below: Skull Original Skull - Photoshop Edited Halloween-Based Photoshop Piece