Hannah Furnell


Graphic Designer, Manchester www.hannahfurnell.co.uk

Deep In The Woods

When in computing today we learnt about combining skills in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. To do this we looked at a brief in which we had to design a t-shirt/ jumper for an event called ‘Deep in the Woods’. To do this we first found an image of a human’s face and then added different animal features to this using Photoshop (this was to make a possible creature that could lie deep in the woods). We then found a background, and also a photographic image of a body to attach the head onto. After transferring these psp. files into Illustrator, we then drew over the body image to make it into a vector image, to combine techniques from both programs. Here is the final output: Deep In The Woods Brief Final Deep In The Woods Brief Deep In The Woods Brief Deep In The Woods Brief