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The Science of Sleep Review

As suggested in a lecture yesterday, I decided to watch the French film 'Science of Sleep' (2006); a film written and directed by the famous 'Michel Gondry'. The main character in this film was 'Stéphane', a young man whose dreams and imagination interfere with his reality. Throughout the film it often cuts between his imagination which is shown made from cardboard and paper, and reality. As the film goes on he finds himself falling for his neighbor, 'Stephanie', who is also in the same state of mind as him. As the relationship continues he finds his dreams flooding into his life uncontrollably. The part I liked most about the film was how his dreams were created by animation/ stop motion and how he had a show-set room made of cardboard cut-outs to symbolise his imagination. This also showed other filming techniques such as blue screening, both of which I may wish to use in my future design work, as I would like to try out motion. I also like the style of the way the video is filmed as everything looks quite vintage. Here is a short clip from the film, one of Stéphane's dreams: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paHSFXQfL5E]

Here is also the official site of Michel Gondry: http://www.michelgondry.com/