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Squiddles Exhibition Review

Today we visited the 'Squiddles' Exhibition in memory of Emma Wilkinson. I've never been to an illustration exhibition before but I must say it was one of my favourite visited exhibitions so far. I loved all of the illustrations; all of which were in the theme of cats and sailors; relating to Emma's favourite things. The event was put together by Emma's boyfriend 'Matt Daniels' (also known as 'Stickypop'), who is an old college friend of mine. Matt managed to bring together many UK and international illustrators in order to make this event happen, including Gav Strange, TADO, Superfex, Matt Taylor, Aaron Miller amongst others. I purchased one print by illustrator 'Katari' (shown below); although I would of loved to buy more if I had the money. There were also cupcakes being sold and limited editions of illustration works which went on auction. I also liked the interior of the bar in which it took place (Walrus Bar, Manchester) which is already filled with illustrated walls and artistic decorating, like most bars found in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. Overall, the exhibition managed to raise an amazing £1,413 for the Francis House Hospice! Photos of the exhibition can be found here.

Squiddles Exhibition

Squiddles Exhibtion