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Photography Level 1 - Torchlight Experiment

After only going through the enrolling process at last week's session, tonight was our first Level 1 Practical Photography lesson with tutor Mel France. Tonight we looked at torchlight photography and drawing with light. To do this we found we needed a long exposure time to capture the torchlight patterns we created. We set the camera to ISO 800 (the lower the ISO, the less sensitive your camera is to light, but using a higher ISO can be used in darker situations to create faster shutter speeds) and aperture to f8, which affects the amount of light passing through the lens and also affects the depth of field. We then used auto focus to focus on the subject and then switched to manual focus once the camera was in focus on the object (if kept on auto focus, the lens would struggle to take a picture since it would keep trying to to re-focus on the moving object, but manual focus locks the focus so you have more control). You can also use this technique to capture traffic trails. Here are some photos I took using this technique: Hannah Furnell Hannah Furnell  Hannah Furnell Hannah Furnell Hannah Furnell Hannah Furnell Hannah Furnell Hannah Furnell Hannah Furnell