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Celebrity Re-brand: Sid & Nancy

As our new communications project, we have been given the brief to re-brand a failing (or dead) celebrity. In todays media it is not unusual to see celebrities relaunching themselves time and time again with new careers, perfumes, books etc, so it is our task to re-invent a failing celebrity personality. We must choose a comprehensive marketing/ publicity campaign choosing 3 of the following:

  • Logo/ Identity/ Branding (compulsory)
  • Branding applied to celebrities own range of clothing/ perfume (design labels)
  • Promotional pantomime poster/ editorial dps in glossy magazine.
  • Website; include home page, site map and 2 pages, considering usability, SEO and highlight functionality.
  • Book jacket design - Celebrity has written a book of tongue-in-cheek fairy stories for children. Create a cover illustration; include branding, appropriate title typography and relevant book jacket details. Illustration must be typographical.
  • Advertorial or Advert in appropriate magazine.

The celebrity I choose to re-brand was bassist and punk legend 'Sid Vicious' of the Sex Pistols, who died of a drug overdose in 1979. When discussing this in a seminar group, I decided it would be best to use both Sid Vicious AND Nancy Spungen (girlfriend of Sid Vicious who also died; stabbed due to the influence of drugs in 1978). Both characters were drug addicts and rebellious punks, therefore I chose to re-brand them as talk show presenters. The talk show would be one quite similar to 'Richard & Judy'; a tea-time show interviewing celebrities and including other things such as cooking, fashion and maybe even a small call-in game (like 'You Say We Pay'). 'Richard and Judy' is seen as a very family-friendly show, but I think I may add a twist to the talk show, maybe so that it is aimed more at students rolling out of bed at 4 in the afternoon! There are many talk shows throughout the day but none of which are aimed at students. I now need to look into designing a logo for the show and looking into existing logos/shows. I also need to consider whether Sid & Nancy will be as they were before they died, or what they would be like today if they were still alive.

Richard & Judy

Sid & Nancy

Sid & Nancy = Richard & Judy with a twist!