Hannah Furnell


Graphic Designer, Manchester www.hannahfurnell.co.uk

Logo Workshop

This morning we were given a logo workshop to attend. We first looked into existing logos on websites such as Logodesignlove and Logoblink to see how other graphic designers use a suitable typeface and symbol to create successful branding/ styling. Different typefaces put across different messages, therefore it is important to get a suitable typeface to match the requirements of your job/ client. We were asked to produce typographic experiments for a select list of professions, deciding on an appropriate typeface for that profession/ company. The company logo styles I chose to do were a hairdressers, casino, graphic designer and a gardener; using what I thought would be a suitable typeface. Note: all are hand drawn, therefore the kerning and typeface  isn't perfect!Hannah Furnell Hairdressers logo - I decided to use a stylish font which used curls and swirls - which could be related to the styling of hair. Hannah Furnell Casino logo - I first made a symbol logo for the 'blackjack' name, which could be used on it's own as a logo, but then I added the name of the casino using a typeface often used on playing cards, relating to the casino and blackjack game. Hannah Furnell Graphic Design logo - I decided to use the mouse symbol for this logo since most of the graphic designers work would be done using a computer, but also to link with the name that I came up with 'to the point' - this shows that the graphic designer would design something that gets the point across to it's audience e.g. being asked to advertise a product. I also used a bold font for this design. Hannah Furnell Gardeners logo - this logo I created in a very art nouveau style to include the nature  aspect of the gardening profession in the logo.