Hannah Furnell


Graphic Designer, Manchester www.hannahfurnell.co.uk

Celebrity Re-Brand: Logo Design

After researching previous talk show logos, I designed my own logo for the celebrity re-brand of Sid & Nancy. I first experimented with different fonts but decided font 'creampuff' was the most suitable. I also changed the kerning of the letters 'N' and 'y' in Nancy to make the logo look more interesting. This also created a gap within the logo, therefore I filled this using star designs; which would be relevant to the talk show, as they would be interviewing other stars/ celebrities. I like the way this logo looks classy and slightly vintage, which is very much in style in today's fashion. I now need to decide what comprehensive marketing/ publicity campaign ideas I may choose when re-branding the couple (along with their talk show). Here is my final logo: Hannah Furnell