Hannah Furnell


Graphic Designer, Manchester www.hannahfurnell.co.uk

Roses Brief - Homelink

We have now been given our briefs for the Roses Student Creativity Awards 2011, which if won can give us a chance to win a placement in the sponsering companies. I have chosen to go with the Homelink brief. Here is the brief that I have chosen: Homelink is an alternative to paying for holiday accommodation. You can literally swap homes with almost anyone around the world. Given the financial climate this could be the future for holidaying on a budget. Raise awareness of the Homelink concept by devising a UK campaign that works across traditional media (e.g. press), online advertising, social media (Twitter, Facebook etc.), any other nontraditional ideas. Bear in mind the budget is tight. Ensure the Homelink logo and web address appear.

I now need to research more into the company 'Homelink' and come up with a good concept/ idea.

Homelink Logo