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YCN Briefs: Fedrigoni

We have now been given our new briefs set by YCN after receiving our marks from the last project; which I got a B+ for which i'm happy with :)  After debating between three of the briefs, I have finally chosen to go with the Fedrigoni Brief, which is as follows: Bring Fedrigoni’s versatile range of papers to life to ensure they’re the paperof choice for existing and new customers.

Background: It’s nearly as old as communication itself, yet today, paper is as versatile and technologically advanced as any silicon chip. Fedrigoni has been refining the art and science of making fine-quality special papers for more than 120 years. Striking surfaces, tactile textures, vividcolours, paper that can be pressed, bent, cut and folded into almost any form you can imagine. Our papers are ultra functional and at the same time, wonderfully expressive. They can shock and surprise, or soothe and reassure. They can demand your attention or retire gracefully into the background. In our hands, paper is no ordinary communication tool; it’s an art form in its own right. The Creative Challenge Choose from one of the ranges listed below, which form part of our imaginative selectionof papers, to create a fully integrated marketing campaign. This may include direct mail,PR, Web, advertising, newsletters or events / promo launch. Your idea should show how you would promote the chosen range using various channels to reach our target audience. Ranges: Sirio Colour, Marcate Colour, Freelife, Pergamenata, Savile Row, Woodstock, Book & Box, Ispira and Splendorlux Colour.

Target Audience: Top fashion labels, boutique publishing houses, businesses with global reputations to protect and enhance. The people who use our paper are some of the most demanding customers you’ll meet anywhere. So it’s no surprise that they expect our paper to perform some very demanding tasks.

Mandatories: Our only stipulation is that you showcase our fantastic range of papers. Remember that while we appreciate we are in a digital age, we are a paper manufacturer and wish to keep this medium alive! Fedrigoni will offer standard packs of samples relating to your chosen paper range.

I now need to research more into the company, and possibly look into paper sculpting artists. I can imagine this brief making a good animation/ stop motion piece in which I could use photography, but I will first need to come up with a concept, which is easier said than done!

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