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Diana Lomography Camera Review

Today I received my Diana Mini Lomography camera through the post and can't wait to use it! I've wanted a film camera for some time now but after trying out photo-grams in the dark room a few days ago, I finally decided to buy one. I am also hoping to develop some of my films in the university dark room whilst I can, I have one more year left so I might aswell use it whilst I can! Although technology is always advancing, I still believe that film cameras will always be an option. The amount of memory you now get on digital cameras means you can take hundreds of photographs, but we just take this for granted and picture everything; whereas with film you have to be more selective about what you want to shoot. You may not be able to see your images straight away, but this all adds to the surprise! The use of colour filters, light leeks and other factors mean you can get a range of different un-expected effects; the possibilities are endless. Yes; you can do this on Photoshop, but then that just takes away the surprise, and there's nothing better than looking through old photograph albums; it's just not the same staring at a computer screen, if your photographs haven't been deleted by accident that is!