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Limitless Review

After seeing trailers of the recent film 'Limitless', it didn't seem to catch my eye, but after seeing it in the cinema today, I was shocked at how good it was! Bradley Cooper stars as an unpublished writer trying to make a breakthrough in the public eye and failing miserably; and to make matters worse, he gets dumped by his girlfriend. But this all changes when he bumps into his ex-brother-in-law, once known as a drug dealer, but now claiming to be working in the medical side. He claims this tablet will not only let him access the 20% of the brain our bodies usually access, but all of it. After a lot of debating he finally takes the pill and the effects set in fast. His brain clicks into gear and he is somehow able to access all the information he has ever read in a book, even from the smallest glance, and is he is able to write his book in one night, even learn a language in the space of one night! As the drug sets in, the camera makes everything brighter and contrasted, showing the effect of the drug on Cooper. Apart from the storyline, this was my other favourite aspect of the film; the camera techniques used to show that he had taken this amazing drug. A fish-eye effect is used when he first takes the drug and walks outside, showing close-ups of peoples faces and reactions, the drug also speeds him up to the point he can't remember what happened; the camera pans in and keeps zooming as if he were walking through the city but in fast motion. Paths of light from the busy traffic speed past him, he sits down at his desk and letters fall from the roof; the words he could never find before he took the drug.

As the film goes on, you see the addiction set in and the effects the drug has on him. It is definitely worth the watch and is now up there in my favourite films along with 'Fight Club' and 'Requiem For A Dream', which it is very similar to. You can see the trailer for 'Limitless' below: