Hannah Furnell


Graphic Designer, Manchester www.hannahfurnell.co.uk

Magma Ideas - One Big Hangover

After initially thinking of going down the moustache theme for this project (with Movember soon approaching), we soon discussed that this is an area that is already largely covered (with magma already selling a few moustache mugs) so would probably not be the best idea to go with. I then put across my idea of relating Zombies to Students, as they are always hungover/ half asleep. The feedback I got was not to go down the zombie route (this is a big trend at the moment, but how long will this last?); but just to focus on the fact that students are ALWAYS hungover. When designing products I could think about issues such as getting over a hangover and dealing with a hangover in different social situations. My target market for these products would be students (around 18-25 years old), although could relate to other audiences also; we all suffer with those self-inflicted hangovers! Photobucket