Hannah Furnell


Graphic Designer, Manchester www.hannahfurnell.co.uk

Choices, Choices!

After much debating over the new briefs (all 26 of them!), I have narrowed it down to two choices; both of which are YCN briefs. These briefs appealed to me because they both include a sense of packaging along with other deliverables; but both need to scream quality, as both of these companies deliver at high standards. The first option is 'Graze', who wish to make the Graze brand more distinctive and desirable. This includes refreshing their packaging design, redesigning the logo and creating a direct mail marketing campaign. The full brief can be seen here. New customers also get their first box free, I've already got mine ordered and I'm maybe a bit too over-excited about receiving it, but I guess I'd need to capture that in the work; the excitement of receiving a treat through the post every week, or every day if desired!


The second option is for 'M&S'. This is to package the perfect M&S picnic, and can be themed around a certain type of picnic or event, and also needs to include all aspects e.g. food, drink, cutlery, napkins, plates etc. The full brief can be found here. I love the idea of this picnic package and would definitely buy one myself if they were available!