Hannah Furnell


Graphic Designer, Manchester www.hannahfurnell.co.uk

M&S Picnic Ideas

I have decided to go with the M&S brief of creating the 'perfect picnic' for the recent brief set by the YCN awards. The audience isn't set, so it could be aimed at anyone; giving a lot of freedom for ideas. Personally, when I think of M&S, it just reminds me of my grandparents - but that's not to say that you couldn't aim at a younger audience but sell it as a gift, one that the grandparents could buy for their grandchildren. M&S also makes clear about looking at their 'Plan A' eco policy, therefore would have to contain very little waste. I have thought up a range of different picnics for different events but here are my favourite options so far: Idea 1: Perfect for the younger audience and for those summer days! I was thinking of making a summer hamper which would contain speakers and an iPod docking station, great for those days at the beach or at the park with mates. This would also contains an ice box to make your own ice lollies to bring along and other items to keep you entertained through the day e.g. blow-up beach ball, fold-up frisbee etc. This hamper would be re-usable and could be used over the whole of the summer; even as a docking station through winter inside the house and kept for many years (would reduce waste with it being a long-term item). The hamper wouldn't come with food when bought, but would be like a 'pick and mix' styled picnic bought from M&S, much like a meal deal which is used in most super markets these days.

Idea 2: Another long-term hamper which would be kept; a vintage tea-party picnic. This would be suitable for the elder audience but suitable for the younger audience also. The hamper would contain a tea-pot, cups & saucers, cutlery, a fold up cupcake 2-tier stand, plates, napkins, table cloth, tea-bags, sugar cubes etc. The sandwiches and cupcakes would not be included in the hamper but would also be like a 'pick and mix' style from M&S e.g. '4 sandwiches, 6 cupcakes + 8 teabags for £10'. This could be enjoyed at anytime in the year from the comfort of your own home; great for a get together with friends or family.