Hannah Furnell


Graphic Designer, Manchester www.hannahfurnell.co.uk

Tea Party 'Ponder Time' Concept and Poster Ideas

I decided as a theme for my tea party, I would go for the title 'Ponder Time'. As I decided this tea-set would be aimed at the female audience getting together for a chat or catch-up, I thought it would be interesting to include things on the napkins, cutlery etc that they could 'ponder' over. These would be random things to ponder such as, for example 'When in rain, why don't rain shrink? Why is a boxing ring square?' and other random questions like these. The tea party is made so that it could be set up anywhere (instead of a tea-pot the picnic set would include a large vacuum flask), so the idea is that they could ponder anything, anywhere and at any time; which is what I incorporated into the poster designs. The poster designs are quite simple but I think they work well as a typography piece and to leave the viewer wanting to find out more by not giving much away. I also think they work well as a follow on of posters which you would see throughout the store, possibly pointing you to the right direction in the store. Ponder Time Poster 1

Ponder Time Poster 2

Ponder Time Poster 3