Hannah Furnell


Graphic Designer, Manchester www.hannahfurnell.co.uk

M&S Ponder Time Final Piece

This is a YCN online competition brief which was to create the 'perfect picnic' for M&S. The target audience for my picnic set is females in particular (25-55 years old), but may attract more audiences. I decided to create a tea party set styled picnic which could be used anywhere. The tea set contains the cutlery and other novelty accessories for the picnic, whereas the food for the tea set would be bought from M&S separately. This is a permanent tea set which could be used over and over again, which also prevents excess waste. The concept of my tea party revolves around the ‘Ponder Time’ title that I gave the picnic tea set. The tea set would be great for catch-ups or get together with friends, therefore I decided to include things to ‘ponder’ within the set. These things would be printed on the inside of the picnic packaging, on the napkins, teabags etc. and would give the audience more to talk about, or ‘ponder’ about.