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Time for NMP...

Today we were briefed for our negotiated major project, our FINAL project of university, argh! I have a few ideas floating around but still not sure on a definite choice, as I want to enjoy it and want that to show through the work. We were told to work to our strengths and interests with this project as it is our final project, which we will want to make a great impression through the final show and get ourselves out there into the industry. Although it could also be a time to experiment since once in the industry you don't get much freedom of experimenting. Here are some of my ideas: - Creative event photography and film for 'Islington Mill' - one of our tutors approached me and asked if I would be interested in doing some photography/ creative filming for events at this venue, as they are looking for someone to do this and she believed I would be a good candidate for it - it's not set in stone yet but this would be a great opportunity if it was to happen, I could use this as my NMP, or even do it alongside my NMP as a side-project.

- Design a typeface - I have for a long time wanted to create a typeface as I love typography and haven't attempted it before. I would then love to apply it to a range of media, even bringing it to life by creating large 3D versions of the typeface and using photography to capture them. I could also include the 3D versions of the typeface in my final year show piece.

- As technologies advance, are we giving too much information about our personal lives? - relate to dissertation question, maybe create a campaign to highlight the importance of privacy online to those vulnerable.

- Document through photography - maybe do a documentation of something using photography e.g. maybe self-portraits every day up until deadline and make into a magazine etc.

These are just a few ideas I have thought about, but I will continue to think about other ideas that could be possible for my NMP.

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