Hannah Furnell


Graphic Designer, Manchester www.hannahfurnell.co.uk

NMP Idea


After attending a seminar today, I have decided which idea to go with for my NMP. I was debating between a few ideas; one of them being the Islington Mill event photography, which I can still do but may take around 4 weeks to set up, therefore I don't have this time to wait, as it will be wasting valuable time. I could do this alongside, but as my primary project I have decided to do a photographic documentary of myself, using self portraits. This would mean taking a photograph of myself every day up until the deadline, and putting it together in a creative way. I'm not too sure whether I will take the photo in the same place/ time every day or just take a photograph which represents what I do each day; this is still yet to be thought about. I'm hoping to set up a blog or web page that will document this, and possibly a magazine with the end results. So looks like you lucky people are going to see a lot more of this face in the next few months!