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NMP Project – Day 7 And Progress Update

One week of photos, and the snow is starting to fall again! Yesterday I had a seminar and discussed how I could develop this idea further. I had in mind that I wanted to create a 3D piece of typography for part of my NMP, therefore we decided that once i've decided on the name of my project, then I could create the logo for my project as a 3D typography piece and document me building it. My project is all about documenting myself, but I think it could be expanded further than just taking a photograph in the same place everyday, as I have been doing so far. I think I should think of other themes I could go along with in documenting myself, maybe photographing myself in a busier atmosphere, every time I sit down for a meal, or even every time I get into my car etc. This theme could then be changed every week, or all could go alongside each other up until deadline. The possibilities are endless, I just need to organise my idea and then get on it, I will be taking LOTS of photos from now until deadline, so looks like my camera will be coming along with me everywhere. Here is day 7, and a GIF example of the photos so far (this will obviously look better as I get more photos).

NMP Animation EG