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Graphic Designer, Manchester www.hannahfurnell.co.uk

NMP Project - Day 11 & Theme Ideas & Outcomes

After a seminar last week we talked about thinking about other themes in which I could document myself doing, rather than just the current pictures I have been taking, in which I stand in the same position, in the same clothes outside whilst the weather changes around me. Here are some theme ideas I believe I could add to my self-documentary photography: - Creating a 3D logo from the chosen project name - documenting me building the logo and the final outcome - Me in public places - e.g. pictures of me in the city/ busy atmospheres, with people around me, also documenting their reactions - The places I visit - not actually including me in the photos, but interesting things I come across from the places I visit - Every meal I sit down for - documenting the things I eat and where I eat - At work - A picture of me at work with people surrounding me (every sunday) - My feet - different shoes, different places (may make a good stop motion video with feet walking but floors changing) - Every time I drive - different surroundings depending on where I am - Mobile pictures - Instragram/ Webstagram, photos on the move - Laptop webcam - every time I use my laptop - Film photos - photos taken with Lomography camera, could also include negatives and multiple exposures - My life in black and white - a selection of self documenting photos shot in black and white

Possible Outcomes:

- Magazine including all self-documenting photography - Website/ Blog which would be updated as project goes on - Motion/ Selection of stop motion pieces - 3D logo outcome

Here is day 11 of my current theme, the weather as it changes around me, no more snow!