Hannah Furnell


Graphic Designer, Manchester www.hannahfurnell.co.uk

NMP - Change of Plan... Again

I have decided against doing the A-Z photography project, as it wouldn’t give me much to explore in the design area, as it was mainly photography based. I would like to use my photography in the NMP, but along with my design work. I have recently been doing photography work for a newly started company who review gigs/ concerts in Manchester. ‘MOUf Music’ is currently only on Facebook, meaning they post their reviews onto the Facebook page. As a project, I would like to rebrand ‘MOUf Music’ to increase the audience of the local music scene; this includes redesigning the logo, designing a website, an iPod application and other mediums. I also wish to link this in with the social networking pages that are already set up for the company. This new idea for my NMP will allow me to use my photography and my design work, rather than just my photography work. It will also give me more possible outcomes. You can visit the 'MOUf Music' page here.