Hannah Furnell


Graphic Designer, Manchester www.hannahfurnell.co.uk

NMP Research - Existing Music Review Companies

Before I begin to think about designing for the 'MOUf Music' rebrand, I have first looked into other companies who create music reviews. Here are a few I came across: Pitchfork - A simple logo with the play of the 'pitchfork' element on the letter 'K'. A nice clean layout with social network integration and nice dating system running down the right side. I like the simple yet clean style to this music review company and hope to aim for something similar - not over complicating things.

Rolling Stone - A more colourful logo, yet still quite a clean and organised layout to the site. Also uses social networking integration.

NME - I'm not fond of the advertising and bright colours of those used around the website to advertise Leeds/ Reading Festival as I think it looks quite tacky and overpowering. However without this, the website would be ok as it has good navigation, also with integrated radio. The Logo is very simple yet effective.

Metacritic - I don't like the layout of this website much and find the logo quite average. I think it's quite hard to find what you want, as navigation just lists 'Music' as a whole, rather than listing sub menus such as reviews, new releases etc.

Drowned In Sound - I really like the Logo design and layout of this website. The logo is quite simple yet effective with the colours and vector used, and the layout is quite clean with nicely executed images used throughout. It is also easy to navigate and has great usability

Adequacy - I really dislike the logo and header for this brand as it looks too busy and cluttered with the textures and typeface used, as I prefer the more clean look for a logo. Although saying that, I do like the layout of the website.

The Music Magazine - I dislike the logo for this site as it would only really attract a female audience, and possibly put off a lot of the male audience (which is a lot when reviewing music), therefore I think it looses half of it's audience just from the look portrayed. This may have been the aim of this particular company, so this may be ok in some cases. Although, I do like the layout in the 'latest entries' section, thumbnails of band images.

Kerrang! - This website is also covered in ads for Leeds and Reading festival, but I don't really like the layout of this website beyond that; everything looks a bit crowded and the navigation is so small you can just about read it! The logo is very simple again, as this seems to be popular amongst the music industry.