Hannah Furnell


Graphic Designer, Manchester www.hannahfurnell.co.uk

First Visit To Bergamo (Italy)


This week I visited Bergamo (Italy) for the first time after being asked to take part in a 6-month internship over there with company 'Clarity International'. I am to start my internship on July 1st 2012, therefore I visited to look for an apartment, meet my future colleagues and get to know the place. I loved Bergamo and got to know more about the Italian culture, as it is not so much of a touristy place, but realised I will definitely need to learn Italian to fit in with the locals! I'm looking forward to living in Bergamo and can also do photography in my free time with it being such a picturesque place! I managed to put a deposit down on an apartment and was lucky enough to meet the people I will be working with at Clarity International. I got to look at the type of work they produce and learn more about their company and aims. After seeing the work they produce and meeting them in person, I can't wait to start and work on future projects with them!