Hannah Furnell


Graphic Designer, Manchester www.hannahfurnell.co.uk

Existing Music Ipod Applications (NMP Research)

I am next to create an Ipod application for the Mouf Music rebrand. I am stuck between creating either an application which would JUST alert the Mouf users upcoming gigs (with push notifications to alert user of gigs and venue information/maps/directions) or creating just an application version of the website with all features. I looked into some existing music/ gig Ipod applications to get an idea of what functions I would need in my own application design:

Last FM Ipod Application - The lastfm application keeps track of the music and tracks you listen to by ‘scrobbling’ your music. By doing this it can get to know the music you listen to in order to recommend other bands the user may like. The application also covers events, band profiles and also user profiles. You must sign up to lastfm in order to use the application, but this is in order for it to personalise the results to your likes. It also enables you to listen to ‘radios’ which play your favourite music along with other track you may like. The lastfm app is very clever and is also quite clean and simple in the way it is designed, but allows great usability with the easy to use user interface.

Becks Gig Finder Ipod Application - This app finds your location and calculates any gigs nearby your location. This can be viewed as a list (sorted by date, and calculated distance). When clicking on a gig you get a summary of the venue (address) and the band playing (picture, sample track and add to favourites). You can also get directions to this event and share it with others by sending an email. I am not fond of the colours used across the application, but it is also easy to use as it is powered by lastfm.