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Trip to Milan


Today we visited Milano, taking the coach from Orio Al Serio Airport (Bergamo) for just 9 euros. This took around 40 minutes and then we were in the bustling city of Milan. Although it still holds a lot of beauty and historical buildings, I found that Milan is more hectic and busy compared to Bergamo, maybe I bit too busy for my liking. You also notice the prices are more expensive and a day out there can cost a small fortune. We visited the Duomo in the centre of Milan which was a must. It was free entry to look around the inside (although they are quite strict on what clothing you wear), but when wanting to go on the roof, this again costs quite a bit; 7 euros to walk up the stairs or 12 euros to take the lift up! Although the architecture was amazing up there, I was very disappointed that the main steeples of the Duomo were covered in scaffolding, yet we were told nothing before we paid the money to go up there! All in all i'd suggest a nice day out to the old town of Bergamo if you want something more relaxing and stress free! On the up side, I had one of the nicest ice-creams in Milan :)

Also, some advice: if you get bombarded by people giving you seeds to 'feed the pigeons' or get given a string bracelet, DO NOT ACCEPT IT, it is a scam! As soon as you accept this offer you will be charged money and may feel obliged to give them money, as they mainly hang around in large groups. This photograph cost us 7 euros (on my own camera!), and that was down from 20 euros, when I gave in...